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The Siksika Nation Public Works Roads team is made up of certified heavy equipment operators, including class 1, and 3 drivers. This team is dedicated to providing service for roads, domestic driveways and emergency services during severe weather events to the approximate 750 km of roads currently on the Nation, excluding private enterprises and provincial roads.

The team is equipped with Dump Trucks, Graders, Sanders, Skid Steers, and Back Hoes to assist in all operations around the nation.

Current basic guidelines for snow removal mandate that heavy equipment remains 50feet away from residences in order to safeguard individual systems (water well and sewage) and other utilities around households.

Due to capacity limitations, the Roads service area does not provide parking lot maintenance at this time.

Please note that the Roads service area does not provide towing services and is not authorized to pull cars from ditches due to insurance and liability issues. If you ever find yourself in need of these services, Siksika Nation Public Safety provides courtesy rides to all Nation members, so they can get to a safe place and arrange for proper towing and pulling services. Please call (403)734-3815 to request courtesy rides.

Scroll down to the services provided section to find further details of each service that is provided to nation members.

If you need to place an emergency service request, please click here.

Alternatively, you can also request for service by calling (403) 734-4388 Monday to Friday 8am – 4:30pm, or (403)734-3815 for after hours or weekend service.

Services Provided

What we do to help Nation members

Winter Maintenance

Snow removal from driveways requires a 50 feet setback from any residence. Public Works equipment should and will not go any closer than this setback to avoid any potential damages to any underground utilities including:

  • Manholes for community systems sewer
  • Septic tanks with lid (maybe 1”-3” high)
  • Sewer cleanout pipes (usually 10’ from the house)
  • Water curb stops (usually 10’ from the house, in most cases)
  • Other utilities surrounding the home

Additionally, Public Works personnel, due to liability issues, should and will not be able to assist with requests for assistance to pull out vehicles stuck in ditches, and/or to tow vehicles.

Summer Maintenance of Gravel Roadways

PW Roads services area is responsible for installation and maintenance of roads signs, culverts, gravel roads and intersections, as long as these do not belong or are within any private enterprise’s premises.

This Service area, with the use of heavy equipment, grade gravel roads every spring and summer in order to provide sound roads for safe commuting. Due to the limited capacity in terms of staff and equipment, this task presents a challenge to the Nation. Currently, Public Works is working with Olds College to train our staff on road construction and maintenance, which will take place Spring-Summer 2023.

Preliminary assessment indicates that most roads at Siksika require major repair and to be fully re-built in most cases. In order to address this issue, Chief & Council and the Public Works Department are actively developing a plan that will be presented to the Canadian Government to request appropriate funding to fix current issues.

If you have an emergency request for snow removal or roads maintenance, please click here.

Please book a request for service to (403) 734-4388, Monday to Friday 8am – 4:30pm, or call (403)734-3815 for after hours or weekend service.