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Fleet Shop

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Fleet - Shop

The Siksika Nation Public Works Fleet Shop team is consisted of certified automotive, heavy equipment, tire, and lube technicians. The team is dedicated to providing service and maintenance to the 40+ Siksika Nation Public Works fleet vehicles and heavy equipment currently on the road.

This service area also ensures that all Siksika Nation Administration fleet (light and heavy equipment) and drivers are properly licensed, insured and safety inspected as regulated by Alberta Transportation.

Please note that Public Works Shop does not provide mechanical services to Nation members vehicles.

Scroll down to the services provided section to find further details of each service that is provided to nation members.

Services Provided

What we do to help Nation members

  • The fleet shop crew services all fleet issues related to chassis, motors, transmissions, drive trains, fluids, and tires.
  • Vehicles and heavy equipment assessment and inspections.
  • Vehicle and heavy equipment decal installation.
  • Ensure all staff driving Siksika Nation vehicles and heavy equipment have proper licencing.
  • Ensure all Nation vehicles and heavy equipment are properly insured.
  • Ensure operational practices align with Alberta Transportation.

Siksika Nation Public Works Fleet Shop is dedicated to taking care of all Public Works Fleet Only, with the exemption of some services which are available to Siksika Nation Administration vehicles. These services are not for nation members personal vehicles.